Hex Flight Racer

Hex Flight Racer is a fun racing game set in a futuristic world with awesome jet planes. In this game, you are not competing against other players but you are competing against yourself - you must work hard to set a record and then try and improve your score and beat it.

You control your own futuristic jet plane and you must race through a series of different tracks. Look out for the boost platforms as these can provide you with an awesome speed boost. Also, watch out for obstacles and try to minimize the damage your jet takes otherwise you will eventually be destroyed. What fastest time can you register in Hex Flight Racer?

Release Date

This game was initially released in July 2017 and was updated in November 2018.


Hex Racer was developed by Thibaut Despoulain.


  • A jet racing game in a long track
  • Futuristic theme
  • Speed boost platforms
  • Nice effect


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use arrow keys to drive.
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