He Likes the Darkness

He Likes the Darkness

He Likes the Darkness is a cool platform jumping game developed by Taras Kirnasovskiy. In this delightful title you control a cute little black monster who as you would guess, loves the darkness! Use your keyboard arrow keys to move the monster left and right, and to make him jump. You must collect all the gold stars and coins on each level before processing to the next one.

The gameplay starts of simple and you just have to jump across to various different platforms. As you progress through the different worlds however, the challenges become increasingly complex. Some levels contain moving platforms and you must time your jumps perfectly! With 7 different worlds (each world contains 8 individual levels), this platform game will keep you entertained for hours!

Release Date

June 2016


He Likes the Darkness is developed by Taras Kirnasovskiy.


  • Challenging levels
  • Different obstacles that you need to overcome
  • You need to measure the jumping distance accurately to avoid obstacles and reach another platform
  • Buyable characters
  • Time limit in each level


  • Desktop browser
  • Mobile browser
  • iOS app
  • Android app


  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump