Harpoon FRVR

Harpoon FRVR is the ultimate fishing game in which you are out at sea with your trusty harpoon that you will use to catch as many fish in the sea below as possible. Take your aim and quickly fire at the fish to catch them on the hook and return them to the boat.

You will have a time limit to catch the fish so fire quickly but make sure you do not catch any of the trash floating in the sea as this is worthless. You will see a yellow jellyfish from time to time, catch one and your harpoon will be upgraded making it easier to catch fish. Find your catch of the day!

Release Date

June 2018


Chris Benjaminsen made Harpoon FRVR.


  • An arcade game about catching fishes with a harpoon
  • Physics element
  • Buyable upgrades and new harpoons
  • Many fish types with a different score


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



Left click to shoot and retract the harpoon.
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