Hammurabi is a cool management game with a twist – you are the mighty King Hammurabi and you must manage the ancient city of Babylon and guide its ambitious ministers. This game of decisions is challenging and you must first choose your three ministers – a minister of agriculture (who oversees the production of crops), a minister of territory (who directs your armies) and a minister of welfare (who looks after your population).

Once you have chosen your ministers you must then balance your empire’s needs – decide how much territory to conquer, how much wheat to produce, and how much to feed your population with. Listen to your ministers and see what advice they can offer – also watch out for treason and their personal goals! At the end of each year you must re-assess your ministers and the current status of your empire. Can you reign successfully and last for all of your allotted 10 years and the King of Babylon?

Release Date

December 2017


Hammurabi is made by LabLabLab, a research lab that explore new avenues for conversations with non-playing-characters (NPC) in digital games.


  • Simple interface
  • Storyline based on your actions
  • Three ministers to be assigned


Hammurabi is a web browser game.



Draf left mouse button to assign ministers.
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