Goodgame Big Farm New Harvest
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Goodgame Big Farm New Harvest

Goodgame Big Farm New Harvest is a fun farm simulation game. This is the updated latest version of the original Goodgame Big Farm title. In this version, you have to manage a new farm and take care of all the activities.

You can plant and harvest your crops, buy new equipment and also place new farm buildings. As you progress, you can complete tasks and earn cash. You can use this cash to upgrade your farm and make it the best in the land!

Release Date

March 2019


This is a beta version of the game; more updates are coming!


Big Farm New Harvest is made by Goodgame Studios.


  • Farm management gameplay
  • New mechanics
  • A beautiful farm landscape
  • Tasks to help you play the game and earn rewards
  • Various buildings and decorations to place
  • Playable in full-screen


  • Web browser
  • Android (Big Farm: Mobile Harvest)


Press left mouse button to interact.