Goat Guardian
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Goat Guardian

Goat Guardian is a fun platform game in which you must help Steven save his pet goat - Steven Junior! During each level you must jump across a variety of platforms in an attempt to reach Steven Junior. The platforms disappear after you have touched them once however so you must move fast and plan out your route beforehand!

Try to collect the ruby, purple crystal and opal during each level in order to get a high score. You must also try and jump on all of the golden blocks to reveal the golden apple! Look out for other obstacles such as blocks that shoot arrows. Can you complete every level with a perfect score and reunite Steven with his goat?

Release Date

February 2014


Goat Guardian was developed by HEADFIZZ and produced by Cartoon Network.


  • A fun platform game featuring characters from Steven Universe
  • 28 levels to beat
  • The gameplay can be quite challenging as it requires you to plan the moves carefully
  • Nice artworks


Web browser


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • Space bar or up arrow to jump