Foxy Land is a fun side-scrolling arcade game in which you take control of a cute and adorable fox. The love of your life has been stolen by a dastardly eagle – you must do what you can to save her! You must control your character and work through each level and collect cherries and jewels as you progress.

The controls are simple – use the AD keys to move left and right, and the W key to jump. You must jump over various obstacles and avoid traps too. Keep moving and try to complete each level as quickly as possible whilst collecting all the items. Will you save your love in time from the eagle in Foxy Land?

Release Date

October 2017 (Android). November 2018 (HTML5).


FoxyLand was made by BUG-Studio.


  • 2D platformer game
  • The main character is a fox
  • Collectible cherries can be used to buy accessories
  • 27 regular and 3 special levels


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). We also have the Android and Steam versions.


  • AD to move
  • W to jump, press again to do a double jump
  • S to descend
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