Fancy Pants Adventure World 2
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Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 is the second instalment of this awesome platform game. Take control of our fancy stickman who wears awesome vibrant pants - guide him through a series of complex and challenging levels. An evil and angry rabbit has stolen your ice cream and you must jump into the magical world to follow him and regain your golfing prize!

The controls of this game are simple and the gameplay is free flowing, smooth and fun. You must jump over many obstacles and platforms and find hidden doors and keys to progress. Watch out for the spiders and snails and remember to jump on them to smash them to pieces! Aslo remember to look out for cool bonus levels too! This game is so much fun and one of the better platform titles available so put on your fancy pants today!

Release Date

January 9, 2008


Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 is developed by Brad Borne.


  • New and challenging levels
  • Nice background graphics
  • Tutorial signs


  • Web browser


Move with left and right arrow keys, jump with S, open door with up arrow key, duck/slide/roll with down arrow key.