Don't Go into the Light!

Don’t go into the light! If you do then you can die! Well, maybe you won’t – who knows? This is a fun puzzle platform game with a cool concept – you must move your vision around a 3D platform and avoid falling – this might sound easy, but the platforms are difficult and you must have quick reactions to overcome each level.

The graphics are fantastic and as you reach certain checkpoints you will receive interesting in-game dialogue. Don’t go into the light is extremely tense but fun and challenging at the same time – enjoy!

Release Date

November 2018


Don't Go into the Light! is made by Test Signal.


  • 3D platformer game with first-person view
  • Randomly generated platforms with each new game
  • Dialogues after you reach certain points
  • Tense atmosphere


Web browser


Use arrow keys to move.
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