Deep Down

Deep Down is the fun platformer game in which you play a slime monster on a mission to collect various precious gems from multiple different dimensions. Whilst on your mission avoid all of the different dangerous obstacles and traps by jumping over them or maneuvering around them.

Solve all of the puzzles and make use of the mechanisms that are put in front of you to successfully complete each mission. Do not panic if you fail a mission as you can retry from the same one as many times as you like. Help the slime master all of the dimensions and take home the gems. Good luck!

Release Date

This game was initially released in August 2018 and was updated with more levels in September 2018.


Nyu Studios developed Deep Down.


  • A 2D platformer game
  • Featuring a cute slime with different gestures
  • 30 levels to play
  • Fun music
  • Various obstacles and mechanisms


Web browser



  • Move: right/left or A/D
  • Jump: space bar OR W or up
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