Cops and Robbers

You are a police cadet in Grimeport City. Even though Grimeport is usually a quiet city, there are some criminals who are on the most wanted list! Your job in Cops and Robbers is to arrest those criminals and restore order. To do so, you need to catch up with them or take them down with your weapons. Arrest them several times as required. Be careful of the obstacles that can slow down your speed and pick up stars to increase your speed. New weapons can be unlocked after you successfully arrest criminals. Catch them as fast as you can to earn a better badge. Can you be the peacemaker that the city needs? Have fun with Cops and Robbers, a great new game!


Police controls

  • Space bar or up arrow to jump. Press twice for a double jump.
  • Z, X, C, V, B, N, and M to shoot.
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