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Conjugate is the challenging platformer game where each level is split into to two distinct challenges that you must overcome. There is a white and a black world and you must navigate both successfully and reach the finish point without falling on spikes or dropping down holes to complete each level.

You will first play the white world part of the level, you must reach the finish point by jumping and moving to clear obstacles and gaps in the platforms. You will leave a dotted trail behind you that will help you in the next part of the level. In the black world use the trail that you have just left to complete the level.

Release Date

July 2018


Conjugate is developed by myName / 1f1n1ty. This game is made for Games Factory Jam 5 and you can find the submission on Newgrounds.


  • A unique puzzle game between 2 worlds that are related to each other
  • Black and white color
  • Side-scrolling view
  • Cool animations and art


Web browser



  • Use up arrow to jump
  • Press down arrow to crouch
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