Color Switch: Challenges

Color Switch: Challenges

Color Switch is a hugely popular and addictive game that thousands of people have spent hours playing. The only issue with this game is that it is practically never ending. You literally keep progressing on the same level until you fail. Color Switch Challenges removes this endless cycle and allows you to play a series of challenges and increase in difficulty as you progress. Now you can simply pick a level, play the game, and try to complete it. Once you have finished it, you can either go on to the next level or stop playing!

The premise of color-switch is simple: you must bounce your ball through the level and navigate through a series of obstacles. Each obstacle has a series of colors, and your ball can only pass through the object with the same color. How far will you progress? How many levels will you unlock? Give Color-switch a try today!


This game is developed by Fortafy Games who also created the original Color Switch.

Tips & Tricks to master Color Switch

  • Speed is not key, except when it is. Be careful and calculated with each bounce. Bouncing too quickly will make you hit the wrong color and you’ll have to restart.
  • When the colors line up though, bounce as quickly as you can to get through in time.
  • Watch out for color changes though, you might be green for one obstacle and purple for another. So when you see that you will change colors, be careful with the bounce.


Left click to bounce your ball: the faster you click the faster it bounces.

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