Color Knife Hit

Color Knife Hit is an awesome game of skill, reactions, and timing. In this game, you must throw knives at a spinning platform. It’s not as simple as that. However, your knives have different colors – you must only throw the knives when the color of the circle matches the color of your knives.

Also look out for the gold coins that you can hit too on the same color block of the circle. As you progress the wheel spins faster and your accuracy must be superb. You also need to defeat a series of bosses who are extremely difficult. You can find yourself playing this addictive game for hours, have fun with Color Knife Hit!

Release Date

December 2018


Color Knife Hit was made by Madfireon.


  • A color-based Knife Hit
  • Regular and challenges modes
  • Cool new knife models


Web browser



Press left mouse button to shoot the knife.
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