Clam Man

Clam Man is a fun and exciting story-based adventure game. In this game, you take on the role of the main character, Clam Man. He works in an office as a junior sales representative at the Snack Bay Prime Mayonnaise. The gameplay revolves around interacting with other characters within the environment and watching the story unfold.

The game has some fantastic comedic elements and the interactions you have with the characters result in loads of hilarity. You can choose different dialogues and response to interactions – these will have an effect on the gameplay and story. See how clam man fares in the office today!

Release Date

December 2018


This is a demo version of the game.


Clam Man was developed by Team Clam. You can support the game via Indiegogo and follow the developer on Twitter.


  • An interactive gameplay
  • Many comedies in the game
  • Options-based dialogues
  • The beautiful and cool art style
  • Interactable peoples and objects


Web browser


Use left mouse button to play.
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