Car Eats Car 3

Car eats Car 3 is a classic action-packed platform game with customizable vehicles!

If you are looking for an action packed thrilling car platform game, Car Eats Car 3 is the choice for you! This title from Smokoko combines simple controls together with traditional platform game elements such as obstacles, special abilities and booster items. Using your directional arrows you take control of your mean machine and attempt to fly through the level whilst avoiding your enemies and collecting power-ups as you progress. How quickly can you complete the level? Will you destroy the enemy vehicles?

This game offers a huge amount of content and you will find it hard to stop playing! At the end of each level, you can upgrade the armour and speed of your vehicle, and even upgrade the power of your special abilities. Power-ups include speed boosts, gravity boosts, bombs and more – use these to your advantage to thwart your enemies and collect as many tokens as possible. Car eats car is a fine traditional platform game that has an endless amount of playing time. Escape the evil cars and reach the exit of each level safely by using bombs and turbo in Car Eats Car 3.


  • Three levels of difficulty to choose from
  • Range of different abilities and special moves to try out
  • Fun, fast-paced and engaging gameplay
  • Upgrade your vehicles stats and weapons


This game is solely a flash based web-browser game available on any popular browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Adobe Flash player is a free download and can be installed as a browser plug-in.


Car eats car is created by the developers SMOKOKO LTD who have released a plethora of other browser titles such as Mad Day 3, Dead Paradise 4, Monster Wheels 2, and more!


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