Cannon Hero

Cannon Hero is an awesome arcade game in which you control a boy who owns a mighty cannon! Your mission is simple – to eliminate the bad guys who are trying to kill cannon hero by shooting them from their tall towers!

You have to aim extremely carefully as you only have one shot to eliminate each enemy. If you fail to hit them, then they will fire their rocket and eliminate you instantly. There is a range of different character modes to use, and you can also use upgrades such as shields. Have fun!

Release Date

  • May 2015 (iOS)
  • July 2015 (Android)
  • January 2019 (HTML5)


Orangenose Studios made Cannon Hero.


  • An interesting arcade game with physics-based gameplay
  • 10 character models to use
  • You can get a special shield that prevents any damage
  • Simple cartoonish graphics


This game is a web browser game. We also have the Android and iOS versions.


Hold left mouse button to aim, release to shoot.
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