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Developed by  Jeroen Reurings
Blockader strikes a fine balance between the puzzle and the shooting genre. Strategically place your defense, conquer your enemies, and become the ultimate battle commander.

Blockader consists of 3 rounds

  • Round 1: Build and repair
  • Build your base by surrounding your towers using Tetris-like walls (polyomino shaped). A tower surrounded by walls becomes a fortress. Be sure to leave room inside your fortress walls for placing cannons in the next round.

    After a battle round, you can repair damaged fortresses so they become usable again. Only cannons inside a fortress wall will be usable in battle.

  • Round 2: Place cannons
  • Place your cannons inside your fortress walls. You will get an extra cannon to place for each fortress. This round ends when the time runs out, or there are no more free cannon spots available within your fortresses.
  • Round 3: Battle
  • Attack enemy ships using your cannons. The enemy ships will fire at your walls. When a fortress wall is bombed, you will lose that fortress. All cannons inside that fortress will not be usable anymore until you repair the fortress in round 1.

Winning and losing

You win a level when you have destroyed all enemy ships. You lose when you do not manage to surround any tower by a wall in round 1.

Release Date

April 2020


Blockader was developed by Jeroen Reurings.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Pan camera: left mouse button + move mouse
  • Move wall: move mouse
  • Rotate wall: right mouse button
  • Place wall/fire cannons: left mouse button
  • Zoom camera: mouse wheel

Mobile controls

  • Pan camera: drag finger
  • Move cursor: tap screen on new position / use the virtual joystick (in the wind-rose)
  • Rotate wall: tap rotate button
  • Place wall/fire cannons: tap action button
  • Zoom camera: pinch screen using two fingers