Blaze Kick

Blaze Kick is the soccer game in which you get the opportunity to master the spot kick and become the best soccer player the world has seen. The game will begin with 60 seconds on the clock, it is up to you to master the kick and try to hit the bullseye of the target each time that you take a kick.

This cool spot kick game will keep you entertained for hours as it increases in difficulty with challenges that you will need to overcome. You can control the angle, curl and power of your shot so master it depending on the position of the ball.

Release Date

August 2018


Bit Egg developed this game.


  • A cool penalty game with 60 seconds time limit
  • Leveling up challenges
  • Usable power shots
  • Smooth graphics and animations


Blaze Kick is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



Drag left mouse button upwards to shoot.
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