BattleTanks is a free web-based tank shooter in which two teams of players battle it out in a team elimination game mode! You control a tank and need to hunt down other players. Along the way, you can pick up bullets and health packages that will give you an advantage over your enemy!

Sign in to save your stats, rank up, get on the leaderboards, customize your tank, and more!

Play as part of a team with the goal of getting the most kills possible. You gain points and currency with each hit, kill, and match you play in. Use the currency to customize your tank and the points to get on the leaderboard! (weekly, monthly, or all-time).

Play with your friends using custom lobbies and the friend system! Influence the game by creating arenas, new tank models, or offering suggestions on the Discord Server!

Bonus: Use Ramming Speed to knock your opponents across the map!

Release Date

January 2019


BattleTanks can be played in the browser.

Game Developer

BattleTanks developed by Dokta Larson.



  • W: forward
  • S: backward
  • A: rotate left
  • D: rotate right
  • Primary mouse: shoot
  • R: reload
  • E: ramming speed
  • Enter: chat
  • Secondary mouse: look behind
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