8.6 is an amazing war game set in the deep-sea. It is the sequel to the popular In this game, you control an angler fish queen, and you must try to eat many scattered food as possible to spawn different fishes and grow your army.

You can merge different fish types to create even more powerful variants. All the time, you should grow your army and challenge the other players for dominance of the deep ocean!

Release Date

April 2019

Developer is made by S3 Games, the same developer who made and


  • A multiplayer angler fish battle game
  • Beautiful ocean environment with different light levels
  • Neutral fishes that you can get to join your army
  • Two game modes: FFA and Teams
  • Playable in fullscreen


Web browser

Special tip

You can use the right mouse button not just for creatures merging. If you hold RMB for a long period of time, your queen will devour your own school of fish and gain experience as a result. After gaining the required amount of experience (see queen fish icon at the left-top corner of the screen) it advances to the next level of evolution. Each level of evolution makes your queen stronger and unlocks some special ability.



  • Left click to attack
  • Right click to merge, hold to devour
  • Mouse scroll to zoom

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