Angry Gran Run Russia
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Angry Gran Run Russia

Angry Gran Run Russia is another fun and fast-paced title from the awesome Angry Gran series. In this instalment, our angry gran has been unleashed on yet another world-wide destination – she is now running through the streets of Russia! Take control of angry gran and help her avoid different Russian obstacles such as bears, logs, snow and even a huge battle tank!

This game is an endless runner game so you must simply try and run as far as possible – make sure you collect gold coins as you progress. You can use these coins to purchase upgrades and new outfits to kit your gran out in true Russian style! If you enjoy this title, then why not have a look at our other Angry Gran episodes?

Release Date

January 2018


Ace Viral developed this game.


  • Russian city with many different objects
  • Buyable upgrades
  • Winter season


  • Web browser


  • Press up arrow to jump
  • Press down arrow to slide
  • Use left and right arrow to turn
  • Use AD to move left or right