Angry Gran Run: Brazil

Angry Gran Run: Brazil is another superb instalment of the amazing and popular Angry Gran series. In this episode our beloved Angry Gran is running through the bright and colorful streets of Brazil! The city is open wide and you must run through the streets and avoid various different obstacles together with bash punks, fashion parades and other crazy stuff!

As usual you must collect coins as you progress and you can use these coins to purchase new cool Brazilian themed outfits for our Angry Gran. If you enjoy this title, then why not try one of the other themed Angry Gran games – Angry Gran Mexico or Angry Gran Miami?

Release Date

May 2018


Ace Viral developed this game.


  • Another adventure of Angry Gran that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Different objects to avoid
  • Collectible coins that can be used to power-ups and costumes
  • Missions to complete


Angry Gran Run: Brazil is a web browser game.



  • AD to change lane
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to slide
  • Left or right arrow to turn

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