World Wars 2


World Wars 2 is a strategy game that lets you command an army to fight in a war. Like in all wars, your goal is to be the last army standing in this free-for-all between you and up to 7 other CPU-controlled nations. You are using everything in your arsenal to try and conquer territories to expand your army. You have "cards" that you can use to either fortify your defenses, strengthen your attacks, or use different tactics like airstrikes.

Only your wit and cunning can win this war against all of the nations, so be on your toes and solidify your strategies to win in World Wars 2.


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Click/tap a unit that you'd like to use for an attack to select them, then click/tap the adjacent territory where an enemy unit is located. If you'd like to use an attack card, select the card first by clicking/tapping it from the bottom of the screen, then selecting the unit you'd like to use it. For defense cards/utility cards, simply choose the card then select the unit you'd like to use it on. Select "End Turn" once you're done with your attack and defense strategies.

You can also click/tap on "Skip" during the animations to skip them entirely.