Shamaniac is an intriguing point and click game in which you must help old shaman find all of his assistant hidden around the map. Once you have found all five of them they will relieve revelations to you! First though you need to find them by clicking and interacting with objects.

There are many different puzzles that will test your mental skills although you can ring the bell to ask for help if you get stuck at any point. This game is full of magic and mystery for you to uncover and solve. Have fun and find them all! Let this shaman help you find your way!

Release Date

June 2018


CrounchyBrothers made this game.


  • A puzzle game about magic
  • Point and click gameplay
  • Beautifully drawn objects and characters
  • You can interact with almost all of the things
  • A cool Magic Eyed Ball that can answer your questions


Shamaniac is a web browser game.



  • Left click to interact
  • Right click to display the menu
  • Mouse scroll to zoom
  • Hold the mouse middle button to move the screen
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