Operate Now: Ear Surgery

Operate Now: Ear Surgery is another challenging title from the Operate Now series. Once again you must put on your surgical clothes and prepare to undertake an intricate and serious operation. This time you are operating on Billy who has a hearing condition – his hearing is deteriorating and you must implant a cochlear device that will improve his hearing permanently.

As usual a nurse will help you through the operation and inform you of which tools to use and what order to complete the tasks in. You must work quickly but precisely and follow the instructions to the tee otherwise you could risk damaging the patients hearing! If you enjoy this episode of Operate Now – why not try your hand at heart surgery in Operate Now: Heart Operation?

Release Date

November 2013


Operate Now: Ear Surgery was made by Spil Games.


  • Educative ear surgery game
  • Easy to follow and detailed instructions
  • Unlock a new mode after you successfully complete the game


Web browser



Use left mouse button to interact.
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