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Night Watchman

Developed by  Yso Corp

Night Watchman is a horror game with jump scares where you keep watch in the dark. It’s like Hide N Seek, but with scary characters and dangerous dolls that look similar to FnAF characters. Cover your eyes and wait to attack - but don’t wait too long!

Survive the Night Watch

It’s dark, and you’re all alone with nothing but a weapon and a taste for covering your eyes in dangerous situations. You do it for the thrill. You’re the Night Watchman, a living legend that roams the night. Your duty is to keep the area safe from ghosts and creepy dolls from the hell dimension.

Strike at the right moment

Cover your eyes and wait for the spooky dolls to approach. When you think the moment is right, strike them down with your weapon. If you wait too long, they’ll get you first, and there’s no turning back once that happens.

Pick your perfect weapon

At the end of each frightful round, you’ll have a selection of tools at your disposal to help you deal with the creepy enemies that are out to get you. Try out the flamethrower and barbecue them to a crisp, or zap them down with an electric bolt. Just make sure you strike first, or it’s game over.

Release Date

  • December 2021 (Android)
  • January 2022 (iOS)
  • July 2022 (WebGL)


Night Watchman was developed by Yso Corp.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS

Last Updated

Jul 06, 2022


Move the mouse to aim and press the left mouse button to attack the dolls.

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