Mutant Fighting Cup

Mutant Fighting Cup is a 2D fighting game in which you will fight newly generated mutant animals in a tournament to win the cup. You can completely create new mutant species, mix the different gene strands together like a mad scientist to create a new species of animal. Your animal must be strong and fierce to be able to defeat all others in the tournament ahead.

After each battle win and mutant that you defeat you will earn an extra gene strand. These can be used to create even stronger mutants of a different species. Try and find the best combination for the strongest mutant. Why not play the sequel here Mutant Fighting Cup 2. Have fun!

Release Date

December 2012


Nikolay Marchenko and Alina Oleinik developed this game.


  • Animal fighting game
  • Mutation element: you are free to combine genes to create your own mutation
  • Many opponents with a different mutation
  • Turn-based battle system


Web browser



Use left mouse button to play.

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