Monkey Go Happy Four Worlds 3
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Monkey Go Happy Four Worlds 3

Monkey Go Happy Four Worlds 3 is the latest addition to the awesome and challenging Monkey Go Happy point and click adventure series. In this episode you can help our adorable monkey explore four new worlds, each of which have different landscapes, characters and challenges. As usual, you must navigate through each world and interact with the various objects and people to find clues and solve puzzles.

This time, you can explore an enchanted swamp complete with goblins and strange plants, a Japanese stone fortress, a spooky wooden cabin or a Middle East temple. Each different location presents some fun challenges that will really make you think! Why not try the first set of worlds too once you have completed Four World 3?

Release Date

April 2018


Monkey Go Happy Four Worlds 3 is made by Pencilkids.


  • 4 worlds to play what consist of level 173, 174, 176, and 177
  • Customizable monkey's appearance
  • Cool music


Web browser


Left click to interact.