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Mad Cars: Racing & Crash

(16,593 votes)
Özgür Aydın
December 2020
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Mad Cars: Racing & Crash is a free 3D car simulator game. There are 35 vehicles, 60 racetracks, two-player mode, 1 free drive area, and a battlefield area. You can use an armored car, truck, fire truck, monster truck, racing cars, working machine, etc. In this car game. You can play with many vehicles. You can also buy and upgrade vehicles.

Game Modes


  • "Race" mode: race against 7 skilled drivers and prove your driving skills
  • "AgainstTime" mode: race against the clock and be careful. Because you have to be fast
  • "Stunt" mode: try to reach the finish line on the race track with crazy ramps
  • "Checkpoint" mode: difficult stages, difficult traps. You have to be patient and confident
  • "Survivor" mode: You have to be slow and steady to survive

2-Free Drive

Drive freely in the open world. There are 75 gems hidden in the free drive area. By collecting these gems, you can have new vehicles. The "Reward" table opens every 180 seconds. In this "Reward" table, you earn money based on your drift and flight points. If you wait 180 seconds, you will get good rewards. When the number of keys reaches a certain level, the vehicle is opened for automatic use.

3-Battle Arena

Get ready for an action-packed battlefield. A total of 8 racers will showcase their skills on the specially designed battlefield. There are 3 special abilities: "Damage X5", "HP +25", "SHIELD". By collecting these skills, you can beat your opponents. The last man standing wins. This mode is a mode where vehicles try to crash and explode. Each vehicle has 100 health, and when its health drops to 0, the vehicle explodes. The competitor with 0 HP is withdrawn from the battle. Your HP + 20 increases when you detonate another. There are ranking rewards at the end of the battle. You must be in the top 3 to receive these ranking rewards. Lets! Get on the battlefield and roar like a lion.

4-Two Player (2P VERSUS)

You can race with your friends on the same computer with a split-screen. Prove who is the better driver.


  • Free and online car games
  • Two players racing game
  • Exciting race against artificial intelligence
  • Realistic driving physics
  • A wide variety of racing cars to choose from
  • Wide open world
  • Fullscreen mode available
  • Career mode
  • Free driving mode
  • Battlefield mode

Player 1 Controls

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD"
  • Nitro: "N"
  • Camera View :"C"

Player 2 Controls

  • Move: "WASD"
  • Nitro: "T"