Jedi Trainer

Jedi Trainer is the addictive lightsaber wielding action game in which you will have hours of fun testing your Jedi skills. You will battle through test phases as flying orbs randomly move around you whilst firing lasers in your direction. Deflect these lasers with your lightsaber making sure that they do not come into contact with your handle.

You have a limited amount of life so make sure you deflect the laser in the direction of the orbs to destroy them otherwise their lasers will come into contact with your handle and you will eventually fail. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Jedi master? Well here’s your chance!

Release Date

December 2006


Jason Reinsvold made Jedi Trainer.


  • Lightsaber game inspired by Star Wars
  • Different drone models
  • 10 hit points
  • You can adjust the battle settings to suit your play style
  • Changeable lightsaber's color


Web browser


Move your mouse to control the lightsaber.
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