Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is an exciting and challenging puzzle game all about love and relationships! The game allows you to control your own heart, and your heart is surrounded by 8 others within a central circle. The hearts are continually drifting away and you must keep them within the centre circle to earn additional points.

If you lose three hearts from the circle the game is over and you must start again! It is possible to collect power-ups as you progress that can affect your movement speed and cause the other hearts to slow down for a period of time. Can you maintain the bond with your 8 hearts and complete the challenge?

Release Date

February 2018


Heart to Heart is made by driftwoodwolf, i.e. Amy Su and Max Madonna, for a class project. The music is by Podington Bear.


  • Simple gameplay but can be very tough
  • You need to be agile to try to keep as many hearts as possible in the center
  • Constantly appearing power-ups and also a bad feeling that can block the line
  • Score calculation is based on how many hearts in the circle as it beats
  • Nice sound effects and music


This game is a web browser game.


Hold left mouse button to send a connecting line.
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