Désiré Chapter I

Desire is an intriguing game and the first chapter of this interesting series. The game takes a click and point style mechanism, and you must move through the story with various characters. It is an emotional story, and you will find yourself wrapped up in the events that unfold.

You have to solve a myriad of puzzles and also interact with different people. This is a fantastic and immersive game and is available on all devices including smartphones.

Release Date

  • iOS (May 2016)
  • Android (July 2016)
  • Steam (May 2018)
  • WebGL (October 2018)


Désiré Chapter I is made by Sylvain Seccia.


  • A story-filled point and click game
  • Visual novel style
  • Many puzzles to solve
  • People to interact with
  • Black and white background


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Steam



You move the character by clicking a position in the background with the left mouse button, and the same for interacting with an object.
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