Completing the Mission

Completing the Mission is the final installment in the Henry Stickmin series. You achieve completion by making the right decisions when prompted and getting to the end. Expect plenty of laughs!

Completing the Mission Story

Completing the Mission sets itself apart from the other Henry Stickmin games by offering multiple possible stories based on the endings you had from the previous games, Infiltrating the Airship, and Fleeing the Complex.

With an array of potential stories, the only consistent theme is the Toppat clan making one final move. As Henry, you have options to side with various parties, shifting your motives dramatically as you click your way through the game.

Henry Stickmin

Henry Stickmin is a series of story-driven games where you choose the direction of the narrative. The story is an action parody with great humor and a range of outcomes based on the choices you make. Many options inevitably lead to spectacular failure. The mechanics are classic point-and-click.


  • You drive the story
  • Multiple outcomes
  • Fun and funny gameplay
  • Engaging storyline

Release Date

August 2020


Puffballs United made Completing the Mission.


  • Steam


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