Coffee Shop
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Coffee Shop

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your very own coffee stand? Do you love coffee? If you do, and have, then you will love Coffee Shop. This is an awesome simulator in which you can create your very own coffee recipe and sell it to the public!

You must create a fantastic recipe and then set the price for your customer – don’t charge too much or people simply won’t purchase it! Your coffee stand starts off small, and then as you progress and gain most custom your business will increase. If you enjoy Coffee Shop then you can try your hand at running a lemonade stand too.

Release Date

November 2007


  • Coffee shop business simulator game
  • You can define your recipe and price
  • Various factors that play an important role in your sales success
  • 14 days of the game to play


Web browser


Press left mouse button to play the game.