Bloody Archers

The stickmen are at it again! This time they are fighting with a bow and arrow and trying to perfect their archery skills. You must prove your prowess with a bow and try to be the fastest fighter in town. Aim using the mouse and then left click to draw and fire.

You must account for shooting arc and the drop of the arrow. You have to fire at different targets that spring up at various places on the playing field. You must kill them quickly and efficiently and avoid taking damage from incoming arrows! How many stickmen archers can you defeat?

Release Date

February 2017 (Android). November 2018 (HTML5).


Bloody Archers was developed by Mariano Maffia.


  • Stickman archery game
  • Cool physics
  • Endless gameplay
  • Power-ups to pick up during the battle


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android



Drag left mouse button backwars to aim, release it to shoot.
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