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Angry Gran

(1,970 votes)
Ace Viral
June 2019
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android)

Angry Gran is back and armed with a hammer. If you loved the Angry Gran endless running games you will simply love this endless arcade title. In this game, you must take control of our favorite granny and guide her through the streets. She can’t run jump or dodge, but she does wield a huge hammer and she is ready to dish out some destruction! When playing this game, collect coins and try to smash the wacky obstacles and people walking in the streets.

Each time granny takes to the streets she has a checkpoint to reach. To reach this checkpoint she must drop the angry gran hammer and earn coins to reach the target cash amount. If you successfully reach the first checkpoint, the cash value is increased and you must continue further. If you fail to reach the cash value your run on the streets with angry gran will come to an end and you must restart from the beginning.

This game has superb mechanics and progression. Ace viral have created a fun title with the addition of upgrades that can be purchased. At the end of each run through the streets, once she busted all of her energy, these upgrades can be purchased. In order to travel further, you must use the upgrades otherwise angry gran will simply run out of stamina.

Firstly there are statistical upgrades. Improve angry gran’s strength, recovery time, and discount price on boosts. Secondly, there is a range of boosts. These include a foot massage, energy drink, and jail card which help gran progress further through the streets. Finally, there are new and improved weapons including a skateboard, rubber chicken and lightsaber! By buying new costumes including better weapons, Angry Gran can travel further and smash more people.

When walking with gran, slide over and around tons of objects such as park benches and cardboard boxes. There are so many obstacles in this crazy title - don’t forget that they can all be smashed with grandma’s weapon. See how far you can take angry gran through the streets and how much cash you can collect. This crazy character is always plotting her escape.

The angry gran run team have done a fantastic job of producing a new and exciting title in the angry gran saga. If you enjoy this game don’t forget to click the feedback button or leave a like. Alternatively, you can check out some of the other titles such as Angry Gran Run Japan and Angry Gran up up and away.

Release Date

June 2019


Angry Gran was developed by Ace Viral.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Press left mouse button to swing. Hold and release the button for a powerful swing.

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