21 Rooms
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21 Rooms

21 Rooms is a survival game with a thrilling atmosphere. You are trapped inside a hotel and need to play a game between life and death. You are not only being haunted by a killer but also need to cater yourself with food. Inspect the hotel carefully to find food and objects. When the killer finds you, you have to go upstairs, enter one of the rooms, and rest there. Try to survive until day 31 to win this game!

How to survive

  • Avoid the killer
  • Escape from the killer by going into a room
  • Rest in a room to progress time
  • Keep your hunger meter full by eating food hidden in rooms and the restaurant
  • Hunger determines how much time you have to escape from the killer


21 Rooms was made by Brian Pickens.


Use the left mouse button to enter a room and eat food from backpack.