Drillem.io is an awesome multiplayer io game in which you must fight against other players online in an intense drill fight. You control a drill and you must burrow through the ground to create a network of tunnels. Collect the various scattered materials on the ground to improve your experience and purchase new upgrades for your drill.

To destroy other players you can place bombs in your tunnels that explode after a pre-determined length of time – be careful however and avoid getting stuck as you could be destroyed by your own bomb! Also watch out for other player’s drills and bombs and try to keep your distance. Can you conquer this drilling operation and reign as the Drillem champion?

Release Date

February 2018


Drillem.io is developed by Land Of Fire.


  • Online drilling game to collect minerals whilst destroying other players' drillers
  • Level up system to upgrade your attributes
  • Your driller can evolve after certain levels
  • Customizable driller's head
  • 2D graphics


Drillem.io is a web browser game.



  • Left click to boost speed
  • Right click to place a bomb
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