Stellar Squad

Stellar Squad is an intense defense game in which you battle an army of robots! The robots are very hostile due to hackers. You must bring your squads to take them down and secure precious materials!

Each of your squad members can be changed in battle; each class is strong against a certain type of enemy. You can change the squad's class again to adapt to the situation. Every action for your squads requires action points; you can get some by killing the enemies. Prevent the robots from entering your ship or you are will lose points. A squad can level up and get increased battle capabilities after killing a certain number of robots. After a mission is completed, you can play again with a higher difficulty setting to earn an upgrade relic. Use the money that you earn to buy various upgrades for your squads and relics. You can redo the missions again in case you need more money. Have fun!


Stellar Squad is developed by Red Pallete Games, who have previously Royal Warfare, Royal Squad, and other genuinely great defense games.


Game controls

This game uses the left and right mouse buttons.
  • Left click to do actions
  • 0 to 9 number keys to use skill
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