Akinator Online

Step into the fantastic world of Akinator Online and have this AI simulator read your mind! Before you start the game you must think of a character from a film such as Snow White or Cinderella for example. Akinator will then ask you a series of questions to narrow down your possible choice and help him guess your answer!

This simulator works extremely well if you know your chosen character well and can answer questions about them easily. The questions asked could be specific such as “does your character ride a magic carpet” (Aladdin) or generic such as “is your character from a movie”. You can have hours of fun playing this game and seeing if you can outwit Alkinator and make him guess incorrectly!

Developer & Platform

Akinator Online is developed by Elokence, a French IT engineering company. It is available as a browser game and as an Android app.


Left click to choose an anwer.
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