Bigtime Fishing
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Bigtime Fishing

Bigtime Fishing is a detailed and engaging fishing browser game. Before you setup your rod you can create your own character - choose their name, outfit, hairstyle and more! Once you have created your character it is time to fish! This fishing game brings an unparalleled level of control - you can adjust your reel and drag for example. The fishing is realistic and it is not as easy as it may look! Make sure you account for all aspects of the sport and try to reel in the 45 different fish available to catch.

You can fish at 8 different locations around the world and fish for both fresh or salt water specimens. Using the cash you earn from catching fish, you can purchase new equipment, outfits and even improved bait. You can spend hours customizing your setup and trying to create the perfect fishing toolkit. Pick up your rod today and master Bigtime Fishing!


  • Realistic gameplay
  • Many fish types
  • Lots of customization


Bigtime Fishing is developed by Wolf Games.


Left click to play.