Carmel Games

We gathered some of Carmel Games' best titles to bring you the latest and greatest in exploration, puzzle-solving, mystery and casual clicking.
If you're looking for a great point-and-click adventure game, look no further than Vortex Point 8! In this game, you take the role of Kevin, faced with a gloomy mystery. A reckless young kid snags a cursed statue and then runs into a carnival, disappearing without a trace. Meet interesting characters, explore different locations and solve puzzles to find the kid and the statue before it's too late! Interested in yet more adventure? Well, you're in luck thanks to Vortex Point 7! Kevin is back in yet another spooky quest. This time, Dr. Prescott needs his help in exploring the Waddington Swamp – a place shrouded in mystery with a dark past. Can you help Kevin and Dr. Prescott explore the swamp and discover its hidden story? Darkness is all around us, but it's especially present in The Gatekeeper! After strangely running into his dead grandmother, Matthew finds out that she didn't exactly have a normal day job. It looks like she made a living sending demons back where they came from. Now, it's Matthew's turn to pick up where his grandma left off and shoot those demons right back to hell in this dark point-and-click adventure game! Lighthouses can be creepy with their gloomy lights in the darkness. But an abandoned lighthouse doing the same thing is even creepier. That's exactly what you're faced with in David & Keithan: The Haunted Lighthouse! According to legend, the lighthouse is being lit by the ghost of its keeper, who died back in the 1800s. Can you help your detective friends figure out what's going on? Take a look... if you dare.

What are Carmel Games?

Carmel Games is a game studio that specializes in 2D cartoon-style titles. Most of them are point-and-click adventure games in the modern, science fiction and fantasy categories. Carmel also offers casual clicking games using the same art style as its other titles.

We collected 65 of the best free online carmel games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new carmel games such as High School Adventure and top carmel games such as Vortex Point, Small Town Detective, and It's a Shore Thing.
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