The Wheely Games

Last updated: 2016-11-29
Written by: Raf at CrazyGames

The story of Wheely is a long one filled with nothing but great puzzles, interesting stories, and a lot of attention to detail which, as it happens, is the main skill you will need for this game. The game is filled to the brim with different challenges and puzzles that demand a player to always thing outside of the box. Each level gives you a puzzle that can be solved in several different ways. The stories and puzzles in each of the games is intricately placed and plays off of each other and the chemistry in the game is so natural that you will never find yourself disappointed. There is only one main character in all of the games so, the more you play, the more you fall in love with him. So much love and creativity was poured into each game and you will find yourself being pulled in and always wanting more! Here is a list of each game in the series. Enjoy!

Wheely: The Original

Wheely Wheely is the very first game in the Wheely series. The story in this game is very simple: A simple car that just wants to be someone that is worth something to the world. He is put up for sale but no buyer wants him so, he finds his own way of becoming famous; winning a race. You start of by choosing the color for your car, picking your wheels and your windows to look more attractive. Each level has puzzles that you must solve so you can collect the flag at the end of it and all the puzzles will involve tinkering with anything in the background or in front of you so that you can remove all of your obstacles. The game does not have much in the way of replayability as the real challenge comes from just solving each puzzle and finishing the game. Doing so will treat you to a scene where Wheely finally realizes his dream of becoming a race car.

Wheely 2

Wheely 2 Wheely 2 doesn’t really take any new directions from the first game in any way as the gameplay, controls, number of levels and replayability are all essentially the same. Story wise, Wheely 2 takes after its predecessor in terms of simplicity. Wheely goes to a car show, not knowing if he wants to join or just watch and while there, he sees a pretty, pink car that he falls in love with at first sight. Love has a way of complicating things though as the pink car is taken out, forcing Wheely to give chase, solving all the puzzles presented to him as he does so. After all puzzles are solved you achieve the ending which finds Wheely and the pink car together.

Wheely 3

Wheely 3 Wheely 3, the third entry in the Wheely series ups its ante by making the puzzles a lot more challenging but also a lot more rewarding! The puzzles in this entry, because of their increasing difficulty, may not be suited for those not up to the challenge but it certainly adds more fun to the discovery. The game follows the same basic concept of its predecessors. You go through each level, solving its puzzle and collecting the flag so you can proceed to the next. As with the other Wheely games, the straightforwardness of the game, makes for very little replay value. The story for this game has Wheely going through a bad day all across the globe. Wheely’s girlfriend wants him to try out new tires and while searching for them, he finds out that oil is quickly becoming scarce due to a crime syndicate and after finding out, gets car napped to ensure his silence. Solving all the puzzles not only guarantees your escape but your acquisition of the new tires.

Wheely 4

Wheely 4 Wheely 3 changed the formula for the series by making the puzzles harder but Wheely 4 has added more than just difficulty: there is a completely new mechanic that adds a whole new level of fun! Wheely 4 follows the same formula of the others: You go through each level, complete a puzzle and collect a flag at the end. Wheely 4, unlike the others, adds replay value to each of the levels. Every level has 2 secrets that you need to find to complete the level with a 100% rating, one of them being a wheel that that is a part of the background and the other being a little Wheely that can be gained by solving a hidden side puzzle. Getting the wheel will get you one star, getting Wheely will give you another and finally, collecting the flag will merit you all three stars. Along with the addition of replay value, Wheely 4 has a great story! Wheely travels through different time periods for the sole purpose of obtaining a new tire which makes Wheely 4 one of the greatest in the Wheely line ups.

Wheely 5: Armageddon

Wheely 5 Wheely 5: Armageddon is explained perfectly by the title itself. It is the end of the world but Wheely doesn't care! All he needs to do is mow his lawn but those fiery meteors keep causing him problems! So, naturally, Wheely is prompted to rid himself of those pesky balls of fire! The fantastic puzzles known to the series are back and better than ever and, in some cases, has increased in difficulty. The hidden items and puzzles introduced in Wheely 4 are back and again, adds a lot of replay value to the game!

Wheely 6: Fairytale

Wheely 3 Wheely is back again and this time, Wheely and his pink colored girlfriend are about to watch a movie about a fairy tale. During the movie, Wheely falls asleep and, as it turns out, dreams about the very same movie! In Wheely 6, you play through a number of levels that take place in this fairy world and contain great puzzles, fantastic level designs and again, several secrets to be found! Greatness shines through again in this game and you might just want to play it again just to see if you ever get the princess.

Wheely 7: Detective

Wheely 3 Wheely 7 is one of the most exciting games in the series! The story puts you back in the wheels of Wheely and in this game, he needs to withdraw his money from a bank that has seemingly been robbed. No one needs the money more than Wheely so he feels that it is his duty to find out who took the money and put them behind bars! The game still plays the same but this time, the puzzles are more engaging, entertaining and some of them are even time based! The hidden items and puzzles are still a part of the game and getting them all will net you 100% completion for that level. Some of the levels will even have Wheely using his crime solving skills and use clues to find out where the criminals and how he will catch them. Will the crime syndicate make off with Wheely’s money or will his sleuthing skills prove to be too much of a match for them?

Wheely 8: Aliens

Wheely 3 Everyone has been trying to prove that aliens exist for a very long time now but who would have ever thought that they would be discovered by a sentient car named Wheely while on a picnic with his girlfriend? Wheely 8 is all about solving puzzles to help a couple of aliens who have crash landed right in front of your eyes! Their ship has broken down and needs a few parts to get back home. Wheely is more than willing to help out so that he can get back to picnicking with his girlfriend. The puzzles are great in this game and the time-based ones are back to keep adding to the challenge! This time around, it will take some trial and error to make it to 100%. The aliens, of course, won’t be too much help to Wheely but by the end of the game, there may or may not be a hint dropped about a new game. Play until the end to discover it for yourself!

Why play the Wheely games?

The Wheely series is best known for its short but sweet little puzzles, as well as some great storylines! Due to the nature of the games, you can play them in any order but of course, playing in sequence is recommended to fully enjoy the experience. The Wheely series is something that should definitely not be missed out on for those of you looking for a great puzzle game! The puzzles are fun, engaging and definitely get better as the games progress. Every game in the series pulls you in and makes you want to invest your time just to find out how everything ends! Now that you know about Wheely, go play each game to the end! You will not regret a single second of it! By the way, there are rumors that Pegas Games is working on Wheely 9. The theme is not confirmed yet, but we have no doubts that it will be fun!