Zombie Avenue
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Zombie Avenue

Zombie Avenue is a super fun free roam driving game in which the zombie apocalypse has taken over. You have decided to make a stand by kitting out your car with weapons and reinforcements and heading to the streets. Drive around town and wipe out any zombies in your path by running them over or shooting them down.

Your gun will automatically fire round of bullets at the zombies in your way. Your only task is to drive around and find ammunition as your gun will run out fairly quickly. An apocalypse doesn’t have to be all serious, have some fun wiping out zombies instead! Have fun!

Release Date

October 2018


Zombie Avenue is developed by bodroidapps.


  • A 3D car shooting game
  • Five car options
  • Big city with lots of zombies
  • Automatic aim and shooting


Web browser


Use WASD to drive and space bar to use handbrake.