Use your computer to play Or try one of the games below! is an epic battle royale game with 2D graphics. To start the game, you control a character and are armed with just a revolver (it has unlimited ammo though).

You can search the map to find new weapons and items to use. Watch out for the terrible zombies that roam the map as they will attack you! Also, look out for other players and use your weapons and skill to eliminate them! Can you be the last character standing?

Release Date

May 2019


This game is made by Alex.


  • Ranking system: unlock more characters as you rank up
  • New weapons to equip that are scattered around
  • Zombies that are coming from different directions
  • Health restore power-up
  • Fullscreen available


Web browser


Move your mouse to control the movement and hold the left mouse button to shoot (the character aims automatically).