Yeah Jam Fury
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Yeah Jam Fury

Yeah Jam Fury is an awesome platform game in which you can control three different characters - Yeah, Jam and Fury (hence the name!). Yeah has a block building ability, jam can jump long distances, and fury smashes things with his huge fists! You must use these characters in conjunction to complete each level. Sometimes you may have to place blocks, other times you may have to destroy them.

Keep check on your inventory and try to figure out the best way to collect the apple at the end of each level! This game is really challenging but it is a refreshing change from the other platform titles available - you must really think about what you are doing! Can you complete every level and use Yeah, Jam and Fury to their best potential?

Release Date

June 2012


WillyWorld made this game.


  • Three characters that have different appearance and unique skill
  • Over 40 levels to be completed
  • Fun music and voice
  • Cute expression on the happy face blocks


Yeah Jam Fury is a web browser game.


  • AD to move
  • W or space bar to jump
  • Left click to use special ability
  • 1 to switch to Yeah
  • 2 to switch to Jam
  • 3 ti switch to Fury
  • Q to quick switch
  • M to view mango view