Y8 Space Snakes

Space Snakes puts a fun and engaging twist on the classic Nokia game that we all love. Just as in Slither.io, you control a mighty space snake and must fight throughout the galaxy to defeat your enemies and become strong and powerful. Before starting a game, you can choose from a variety of different snake designs and colors. Once you have entered the arena, you must move your snake and collect as many colored balls as possible - each ball increases your points and the length of your snake.

Be sure to avoid contact with asteroids otherwise you will be instantly destroyed - also avoid contact with other snakes as they will prove fatal too. You can destroy the asteroids by shooting your fire - when an asteroid is destroyed it leaves a cluster of balls for you to collect. Aside from dodging and shooting, you can also use a speed boost to get away from a tricky situation or to catch an enemy. Can you conquer the galaxy and reign as the supreme space snake?


  • Left click to shoot firebal
  • Space bat to boost speed
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