Wire.io is a fun multiplayer game in which you must take control of your very own colored snake and attempt to conquer the battlefield. You must move through the map and collect different colored objects in order to increase in size and fill your power bar. There are two different classes of object – free and capture – you can collect the free objects straight away, but you must wait until your snake is in capture mode to collect the capture shapes.

Keep moving and try to maneuver as quickly as possible to collect as many shapes as you can. You must watch out for other players and avoid being destroyed. Can you dominate the wires and reign as the largest snake?

Release Date

May 2018


  • .io game to capture objects
  • Random snake color in each new game
  • Capture mode that lets you capture other players' owned objects
  • The more players in a map, the more the challenge


Web browser



Move your mouse to control the movement.
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