8.8 is a .io game that is similar to the fun – in this game you control a fidget spinner and the aim is to increase the size of your spinner and conquer the arena. Scattered around the arena is a myriad of coloured accessories that you must collect. Each colored accessory gives you points which in turn level up your spinner. For each level you increase, the speed of your spinner increases too.

Scattered around the map there is also a range of power-ups that you can collect – there are shield power-ups that protect you from enemies and power-ups that increase the rate at which you collect accessories (2x and 5x for example). You must also watch out for the black holes – if you stray too near to one of these they will suck you in and destroy you. There is also speed boost platforms – hover over these for a short burst of speed. This game as great playability and is a huge amount of fun. Can you create the fastest spinner and amass a huge amount of bearings?



  • Move your mouse to move the spinner
  • Left click or space bar to boost speed
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